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2019 Social Media Forecast: All About Engagement

If you thought we already had a glut of content marketing tools at our disposal, you ain’t seen nothing yet. With immersive media, influencer marketing and all of the video content, this year will build on executions we’ve seen rise over the past few years with a focus on real, simple and smart customer engagement.

To keep your brand on top of the ever-changing content marketing landscape, here are some trends and tactics you should work into your social media strategy in 2019.

Increased Integration

Leveraging key social networks through a single interface allows for endless marketing and engagement opportunities. Facebook and LinkedIn have done an excellent job of implementing seamless access across several apps and websites. Allowing customers to register or login via their social media accounts can only help enhance the user-experience, enhanced distribution, better integration, developing customer loyalty and interaction.

More Video

Now, I know what you’re thinking, we’ve said this before. The fact is video offerings have evolved from the traditional executions. Today, marketers have a full arsenal of video options at their disposal –from the emergent live events and ephemeral snaps to more traditional video ads and long form campaigns – but the object of their efforts remain the same: engagement.

Whether your goal is to put your message in front of a specific audience or build genuine connections with spontaneous and authentic interactions, video is a must for your marketing strategy this year.

User-Generated Connection

In a world of paid social, every little platform algorithm change seems to cause organic engagement to dwindle even further. Rather than spending hours crafting a post that may or may not be seen with dollars behind it, this year is all about creating engagement opportunities by leaning on others to spread your brand message.

From influencer programs to product reviews, contests to user-generated content, these executions are all about getting on your customers’ level. Leveraging content from loyal fans, happy customers and social influencers provides a sense of connection and authenticity for your brand and showcase your brand’s promise in new and unique ways.

Social Listening

It’s real hard to have a conversation if you’re the only one who’s talking.

Social listening can help you get a better understanding of what your audience wants and needs from you. You can discover customer frustrations, get ideas for new products, or just gather the data you need to better tailor future campaigns. Plus, you can use it to check in on what the proverbial Other Guys are doing to gain an edge over your competitors.


From customer support to ordering a pizza, chatbots have made a name for themselves in 2018. Sure, they seem like a novelty now, but in 2019, we think they’ll continue to grow and become even more useful. Why? Because they offer an opportunity to interact with your audience in a way that is economical, easy, and personal.

Imagine this: A customer is perusing their Facebook timeline and see a product of yours they like. They click over to your company’s page, check out some photos, read some comments but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on your purchase. Rather than letting them click off the site and leave the rest of the sale to chance, your chatbot will be able to engage them, answer any questions they might have and help them place an order – all on-brand and all without having to pay a customer service rep.



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