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How to Build a Social Media Content Calendar [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Social media content is as versatile as it is powerful. Your social channels can turn followers into fans, fans into clients, and it can help your brand evolve until it is a household name. But to do all this, you need content. A lot of it. And that content needs to be curated, organized and published strategically.

For independent content creators and for larger, more collaborative teams, the first step to implementing a successful social media strategy is getting your content organized. Having a dedicated content calendar that maps out your posting dates, channels, design assets and social copy is a great place to start.

This all may sound a bit daunting, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Our team of content creators, designers and social media experts has developed this step-by-step guide for building out a social media calendar. In addition to the calendar template, you’ll also find some tips and tricks for effectively organizing your content. (You’ll need Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet editing program like Google Sheets to use this.)


Our social and digital teams at ZG are always available to help out with content creation, social media strategy and campaign execution; just give us a call at 414-319-5700 or shoot us an email.

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