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Milwaukee Film Festival: Staff Picks

Everyone loves a good movie, and we’re no different, so we asked a few folks around the office what they plan on catching at this year’s Milwaukee Film Festival. – besides the awesome membership pre-roll video we created, of course.

Here are some of our top picks:

Tony Seaman – Creative Director

I’m looking forward to seeing Streaker. Why? Well, it’s a Swiss comedy, and if the Swiss are known for anything, it’s fine chocolate, expert clockmaking, and a wacky sense of humor. The plot description sounds just crazy enough to be plausible, and I’m guessing there are some real-life lessons to be gleaned from this flick.


Kim Swims
Steve Koeneke – VP of Digital/Creative Director

Kim Swims is the story of New Zealand marathon swimmer attempting to swim between the Farallon Islands and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a 30-mile swim through freezing, shark-infested waters. Only two people have ever done it, both men. Because I’m a swimmer, the physical aspect of the story appeals to me. But it’s the bigger story of determination and spirit that I most want to witness. I don’t know how the story turns out but whether she makes it or not, I’m hoping the movie will inspire me, and others, to take on challenges with a little less trepidation.


Riverwest Film & Video
Josh Arter – Senior Social Media Account Executive

I have Riverwest Film & Video on my list. I’ve caught plenty of flack for this, but I had no idea this shop existed until I looked through this year’s festival book. In the age of Hulu and Netflix, there’s something deeply nostalgic about a video rental shop. That, on top of being a staple in the Riverwest community, I’m surprised I’ve never heard of it (especially having driven by it a million times), but I am not surprised something like this exists in Riverwest. Any other neighborhood, I’m not sure it would be as neat.


Science Fair
Scott Carlson – Senior Art Director

Reason: Growing up, excelling/liking science was grounds for getting picked on, shoved into lockers, or worse, the wedgie. Science fair attendees, those with high marks in science, and fans of science in general would have to lurk in the shadows, carry their science projects into school super early, or risk the local bully trouncing on your baking soda volcano, or everyone laughing at your trifold posterboard because it talked about black holes.

The last decade has seen science become cool, and scientists (Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson) become rockstars. I want to see this movie not just because I was one of those junior scientists lurking in the shadows with my 2-liter bottle tornado, but also because I want to see how science fairs have evolved over the years. Not just with science being popular, but also with technology, and access to ideas through the World Wide Web. It should be super fun to watch these kids excel, learn, and succeed.

Freaks and Geeks: The Documentary
Mike Wisniewski – VP Social Media

While short-lived, this was always one of my favorite television shows. This show has a great cast, writing and a style that was different. It’s one of my go to recommendations for someone looking to binge a show on Netflix.


Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Aimee Dierbeck – Senior Copywriter/Content Strategist

Festivals are great for falling in love with new films, but I’m most excited about revisiting an old love. I was probably four when I first saw Who Framed Roger Rabbit and it absolutely blew mind. Real people. Talking to– heck, living with cartoons. Whaaaaaaaat? That’s crazy. And don’t get me started on Judge Doom and “The Dip” – that gave me Large Marge-level nightmares. Between my sister and I, we wore out three VHS copies of this damn film (I’m sure our parents LOVED that).

But! It’s not sheer nostalgia that makes this my Milwaukee Film Festival pick. Over the years, I grew to appreciate just how logistically and technically impressive it was for the time. Just the fact that the late, great Bob Hoskins was essentially talking to himself and playing off an empty space in his performance still boggles the mind. Oh, and the licensing witchcraft it must have taken to get Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny in the same film, let alone scene. [insert mindexplosion.gif here]

With the Milwaukee Film Festival kicking off, and so many great flicks to choose from, what are you planning on seeing? For more information and showtimes, check out the Milwaukee Film website.

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