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Maybe Your Marketing Could Use a Little Break From Reality

Technology is presenting some crazy cool opportunities for marketers these days. Brands are taking on new dimensions, literally, through Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, gaming and voice activation. But how best to harness and use that technology for marketing initiatives?


It’s All About Engagement

Make your audience feel something. That’s the essence of engagement marketing. Here at ZG, we’re working on a number of concepts rooted in immersive platforms that engage audiences in exciting, emotional ways. Consider a VR interface that allows bed-ridden children to virtually visit Disneyland, an app that lets fisherman “test drive” their boat with different outboard engines or an in-store display that enables women to sample a variety of makeup foundations on their skin.


You Gotta Have the Goods

Immersive success requires an investment in both time and equipment. There are a variety of powerful desktops and systems available to get you in the game. One of the best is the Dell Alienware Area 51 desktop coupled with the HTC Vive VR system. Add in Steam gaming access and you’ve got the horsepower to create and/or play just about any type of immersive experience. As for the time investment, you might consider creating a sort of skunkworks team dedicated to developing immersive concepts for existing and prospective clients. The team could be limited to creatives and developers but you might want to consider inviting strategists, account executives, producers and UXers. Meet weekly, if possible, to concept, vet and develop ideas.


So Where’s the Line Between Marketing and Entertainment?

Maybe there isn’t a line anymore. If a brand can bring a great experience to its consumers, it’s a win-win. How do you go about creating a marketing strategy that includes entertainment? Look for opportunities that will engage your client base. Consider the chance we had within the last year to work with Milwaukee’s Discovery World. We helped create a VR experience called Virtual Explorer on behalf of a major technology company that allowed participants to explore the bottom of the ocean, fly and fall in a simulator, chuck snowballs in the seasonal Merry Snowball game, or travel through arteries with the in-house created I.M.M.U.N.A.U.T.S. adventure that virtually shrinks you and inserts you inside a human body to fight off germs.


There’s No Turning Back

“Virtual Reality is the future, and Discovery World is proud to be able to bring an accessible and unforgettable experience to our community,” said Paul Fladten, senior public relations manager. “While our Virtual Explorer exhibit mainly introduces guests to the entertainment aspect of virtual reality, the technology is just scratching the surface of what is possible.”


Safe to say that we’re only seeing the tip of the marketing technology iceberg. So get ready to experience brands in every conceivable dimension, along with a few more you can’t yet imagine.

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