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Walking Meetings 101

We all know walking meetings are good for you. Here’s how you do it right and make it a habit.

A walking meeting is exactly what it sounds like – a meeting where the participants take a walk instead of sitting in front of a computer or in a conference room. It’s a great way to break up the day and give yourself a new perspective to think and get some fresh air. Not to mention, walking boosts creative thinking by an average of 60%, according to a Stanford University study.

It seems easy, but there are a few ways to ensure lasting success for your walking meetings, turning them from a once-in-a-while treat to an ongoing productive habit.

  1. Check the weather before you go. Be prepared to face the elements! Dress appropriately, and bring that umbrella if it looks like rain.
  2. Be flexible with your route. Construction, high wind, burning sun – these and more may be reasons to change up your route mid-walk.
  3. No agenda, no attend-a. Like all meetings, it must serve a purpose. You may not talk business the whole time, but it’s still important to address what you need.
  4. Embrace the interruptions. Pet that cute dog and say hi to the owner. Stop by the local coffee shop to see what new seasonal drinks are available. Take in the scenery and admire the view of Lake Michigan.
  5. Not all meetings should be walking meetings. If you have more than three people needed for a meeting, or need to present or refer to something on your computer, you shouldn’t be walking. If you do have a large group, you could consider a breakout session by pairing attendees off for a short walk followed by an outdoor regroup or a meet-up in a collaboration space after everyone returns.

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