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CLIENT: Guardian Credit Union

Guardian Credit Union: A New Website Tells A Clear Brand Story


Serving southeast Wisconsin since 1934, Guardian Credit Union recently went through a rebrand and was in need of a new marketing campaign that fostered brand awareness within the communities it serves. The goal? Growing its member base.

To accomplish this, Guardian Credit Union partnered with ZG to develop a new website and SEO campaign. ZG was also tasked with creating a strong and relevant brand story that clearly communicates the credit union’s position, history, future, attitude and benefits.

Upon project kickoff, ZG conducted a complete SEO technical audit and content review to create our content strategy recommendation. From there, we developed a new website with updated functionality that makes it easier for site visitors to navigate through and interact with site content. We created new content for the site that speaks to GCU’s long history and ongoing commitment to providing superior personalized financial services with an emphasis on key products and services with strong calls to action. Additionally, ZG completed a supporting photo shoot, which allowed us to include custom visuals to tell their story in a more authentic way.

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