Inviting Door County Visitors to "See Yourself in Our Light" | Zizzo Group


CLIENT: Door County Visitor Bureau

Inviting Door County Visitors to “See Yourself in Our Light”


Door County is known for its natural appeal. But what attracted its core audience of older, seasonal visitors didn’t resonate with other demographics.

To broaden Door County’s appeal, ZG looked beyond simply promoting the attributes of the area and instead captured the essence of how a visit can take someone to a better place in mind, body and spirit, inviting visitors to “See Yourself in Our Light.”

The campaign increased audience engagement, visitors to Door County online properties and dollars spent at the destination. The website used audience segmentation and visitor personas to create a comprehensive, directed experience and saw a 9.4% increase in desktop visits and 6.6% increase in mobile visits. Facebook saw increased audience engagement, as well – garnering 326,603 unique likes, shares and comments. Finally, key economic impact indicators, direct visitor spending and total business sales, saw increases of 5.79% and 5.5%.

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