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Milwaukee Riverkeeper

If you happen by the Milwaukee River near Schlitz Park, you might notice a mural on what appears to be a giant water slide emptying into the river. The slide, of course, is an illusion created to draw attention to the mission of the Milwaukee Riverkeeper of restoring Milwaukee’s waterways.

The idea originated as a print ad created for a public service advertising competition. The entry was judged best in the contest and won a cash prize for the Milwaukee Riverkeeper organization as well as becoming the impetus for the actual mural creation.

Our Results

Both the ad and the mural garnered considerable praise and attention. The ad was featured on ABC News and named one of the 10 most creative in the world. The mural also received global recognition as one of the top out-of-home messages. Additionally, it was reprinted in textbooks across India as part of curriculum teaching students the importance and value of clean waterways.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Print Advertising
  • Outdoor / OOH

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