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Five Questions with Jackie

Jackie Spinella, project manager at ZG, is ALWAYS on the move. If you want to keep up, get your walking shoes on. And admire whichever pair of Jackie’s 200+ collection she has on that day. This fun-loving dog mom pops up at the best of times, making sure we have everything we need to deliver … Continued

National Chili Day: Chili Round Up

February 24 is National Chili Day, a favorite holiday among many ZGers. Based on an informal poll around the office, here is a roundup of ZG’s favorite chili spots in Milwaukee. The Soup Market Bay View: 2211 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue Sadly, Soup Market is no longer a few blocks away from the office in Milwaukee … Continued

Top Spots to Get Caffeinated in MKE

The most important part of any day – or at least mine – is the answer to this question: Where am I getting coffee today? In the search for my caffeine fix, I’ve picked five of my favorite places to visit and get my day (or afternoon!) started right. Colectivo 223 E St Paul Ave … Continued

Top Places in Milwaukee to Spark Creativity

As any creative thinker knows, when faced with the proverbial blank canvas, sometimes you gotta walk away from that canvas. Walk away, clear your head, and hit “refresh” on your right-brain thinking. But where to go? Here are a few spots in and around Milwaukee that may help you rediscover your muse. GO LOW: Our … Continued

How to Use LinkedIn to Land your Dream Job

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest? The age old saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know” rings true when it comes to landing your dream job. Now, more than ever, it’s pivotal to network, network, network. Learn how to navigate today’s job field and leverage the number one social network for … Continued

Five Questions With Ryan Rogers

One of the newest ZGers is Ryan Rogers, our VP, Director of Digital and Social Media. Even though he’s only been here a few months, it feels like he’s been part of the ZG crew for years. Of course, we’re still learning new things about him every day. For example, just last week he told … Continued

Five Questions With Sharon Schoen

At ZG, you can’t walk in the front door without getting a jolly “HAPPY [Insert the day of the week]!!!” Sharon Schoen, ZG’s Office Manager, is just brimming with cheerfulness and positivity. In fact, in my many years of working with Sharon, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood. She’s the … Continued

Five Questions With Becky Binns

You know that coworker who is so full of life you can’t possibly ignore her when she’s in the room? At ZG, that person is Becky Binns – media buyer & planner, former elite figure skater and more than a little bit extra. You can always count on Becky to make others feel welcome with … Continued

Walking Meetings 101

We all know walking meetings are good for you. Here’s how you do it right and make it a habit. A walking meeting is exactly what it sounds like – a meeting where the participants take a walk instead of sitting in front of a computer or in a conference room. It’s a great way … Continued

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