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Spreading the Love with the American Heart Association

A lot has changed in 40 years. People can no longer smoke in hospital waiting rooms, restaurants, or airplanes. You can tell how good or bad for you a food is by reading its nutrition label. And correcting a congenital heart defect is a fairly routine procedure with exceptional outcomes. That’s something worth celebrating.

This February, the American Heart Association held its 40th Milwaukee Heart and Stroke Ball. In that time much has changed in terms of how the public thinks about heart health, how we respond to heart emergencies, and how we treat heart attacks, stroke, and other cardiac issues – and a lot of that’s due to the research funding, policy changing and literal lifesaving work of the AHA.

To make this milestone anniversary of the organization’s preeminent event even more special, the AHA tapped ZG to create a series of videos that would be shown during the Heart Ball. Using survivors’ stories to help illustrate its impact over the past 40 years, we poured a lot of love into showing the emotional and inspirational side of the important work the American Heart Association does.

“We can’t thank Zizzo Group enough!” says Bethany Klein, Heart Ball Director for the AHA’s Midwest Affiliate. “The feedback I received from the videos was absolutely amazing! Thank you for putting together such great quality and impactful videos – I loved how they turned out and I know the ‘stars’ of the videos did too.”

We love what we do, we love our clients, and we love our community. And when we get to do something that benefits all three? Well, what’s not to love about that?


Check It Out

Hear Abby’s story and learn about the American Heart Association’s impact on our community in the videos below.

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