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Five Questions With Zach Warren

Zach Warren recently joined the ZG team as a Public Relations Senior Account Executive. In true ZG fashion, we immediately tossed him into the deep end, filling his calendar with client meetings, project site visits and even an agency bar crawl through our soon-to-be neighborhood, Walker’s Point. We’re happy to say he swims with ease and just a few weeks in is already a fully integrated member of our squad.

Just for fun, we asked Zach five questions. Here’s what he had to say!

What’s your favorite part of the workday and why?
My favorite part of the workday is when I first get in to the office. I sit down with my coffee, throw on some music and check out the media coverage for our clients. It is an incredibly Zen way to start my morning and gives me some great motivation to work harder. Did I mention coffee?

If you were to pick a theme song for your life right now, what song would you pick and why?
SUPERBLOOM by MisterWives. It’s a song about feeling incredibly optimistic and resilient, which I think the entire world can relate to, especially given the last couple of years. Also, there have been some really positive things happening in my life and I’m not afraid to let the world know that I’m happy about it!

Are you an early riser or night owl?
I’m definitely a night owl. I maintain that getting out of a warm, cozy bed is one of the more difficult things a person has to do throughout the day. Meanwhile, nighttime is when I get to watch my favorite shows, play games, make delicious food. I hate cutting that time short and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

What inspires you – professionally and in life?
I’m a grade-A people pleaser. If there is a problem that I can help solve or at least make the tiniest bit better, I want to do it. It’s why I love working with clients here at ZG. I want them to know that they have someone in their corner who is putting in the work to make their lives easier and their business better. I carry that same passion back to my personal life as well. Nothing makes me happier than knowing the people I care about are happy.

Where is your favorite place to get brunch in Milwaukee?
It isn’t technically in Milwaukee, but I think my current brunch go-to is Cranky Al’s in Wauwatosa. Their breakfast sandwiches are absolutely amazing – you have to try their bacon, egg and cheese bagel. They also serve a mean breakfast burrito and breakfast pizzas. But the real kicker is that they have some of the tastiest donuts I’ve ever had. I can’t help but throw one into my bag as I order. The fact that its within walking distance to my apartment makes this extra dangerous.

Bonus: Do you have a favorite quote? Why does this quote resonate with you?
I am truly flexing my nerd muscles here, but Yoda in The Last Jedi has a quote that I always return to:

“Pass on what you have learned. Strength, mastery… but weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is.”

I’m a human, I fail more often than I would like (I never like it) but this quote is a great reminder that failure is a learning lesson and just another way to become better. Also, Yoda is awesome.

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