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Introducing ENGAGE Tailored Digital Solutions: A New, Proprietary Offering from ZG

Digital marketing isn’t just one thing. It’s an integrated collection of media, technology, concepts, content and analytics. To do it well, digital marketing requires specialized knowledge and talent – and when done right, it creates measurable ROI.

Noticing a void in firms that offer turnkey digital capabilities, ZG is excited to bring to market ENGAGE, Tailored Digital Solutions.

“A year and a half ago, we staked our claim as ‘ZG, Engagement Marketing’,” says Anne Zizzo, CEO and Founder. “We’ve added key team members, technology, and clients and enjoy our reputation as leaders in the digital marketing space. The creation of ENGAGE is the next logical stage in our evolution. Specifically designed for companies with limited budgets, compressed timeframes or fewer in-house technical resources, ENGAGE is a nimble, affordable digital marketing resource.”

Designed to work with budgets and goals of all shapes and sizes, ENGAGE offers made-to-measure digital marketing services. Featuring everything from video to virtual reality, and email to content optimization, we use our industry knowledge to help brands get the most out of their digital dollars with effective, provocative executions.

“We work in a dynamic industry,” says Mike Wisniewski, VP of Social Media. “In social, as with other parts of digital, a simple algorithm change can force us to totally reevaluate a long-term strategy. For most marketing teams, it’s a struggle to keep up with their current workload, let alone stay on top of all of the little changes and trends that go on in SEO and social media and pay-per-click and video preroll and… That’s where ENGAGE comes in; we do the homework so our clients don’t have to.”

While ENGAGE will offer many of the same products that ZG does, this specialized division will focus on project-based, ala carte digital work.

“We talk with companies on a daily basis who are looking for help navigating digital marketing channels,” says Steve Koeneke, VP Digital/Creative Director. “We wanted to create an offering for those brands that might just be looking for a simple, functional, effective site, PPC campaign, improved SEO or some other digital marketing assistance. As relationships grow and needs evolve, companies can easily tap into our full-service engagement marketing offerings.”

To learn more about how we can help round out your digital strategy, check out the ENGAGE section of our website.

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